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Bounce House FAQs

Frequently Asked Questions

Is the listed price hourly? or.... DAILY?!?

Yes... our bounce house rentals are for a FULL DAY!  Pickups are generally between 9:30am and 12:00pm the day of your rental. 

You can return your rental anytime before 9:00am the next business day (we are closed on Sundays). Because our business is currently operated out of our home (we're a start-up!), you can drop your rental off anytime before midnight and after 6:00am in the morning.  

We've made a family decision to not conduct rental check-outs on Sundays, but that works in your favor!  If you need a bounce house for a Sunday event, all you have to do is select a Saturday pick-up date, and you get to keep the inflatable from Saturday morning until 9:00am Monday morning, all for the LISTED single-day Weekend Rate.  You read that right.  You can get our biggest inflatable for only $100 (plus tax) for almost 48-hours.  Crazy, right?

All we ask is that rentals be returned by 9:00am on your return date so that we have time to clean/prepare it for our next customer.

Do we need any accessories?

Our listed rate includes the inflatable, an electrical blower, a tarp, stakes, and all the training/instruction you'll need!  If you don't have an electrical outlet nearby, ask us about our extension cords or generators (for an additional fee).  Otherwise, you get everything you need for the listed price!

How do I reserve a product?

The first step is to call (or text) us at (785) 422-6450 for availability. We'll confirm whether that product is available for the date of your event.  We do our best to answer/reply quickly.  Then, once you are ready to finalize your reservation, use our website to place your product into our shopping cart, and complete our online checkout process. We also require you to read this page thoroughly and digitally acknowledge that you have read, understood, and agreed to our policies.

What about inflatables for my teenagers? And my husband?

Unfortunately for you (and your husband), all of our bounce houses are for children ages 10 and under. Older children and adults require much larger, heavier, and more expensive bounce houses to keep them entertained.  We focus exclusively on products that can be picked-up, setup, and returned by our customers in order to keep our prices reasonable.  

If you're looking for something for older children and/or adults, we recommend the following companies in the Manhattan, KS area:

Most of our bouncers accommodate 6-8 children at a time, and up to 500 lbs. at a time (our small Princess Dreamland bouncer is for ages 4 and under, 3-5 kids at a time) - so they are perfect for birthday parties, reunions, and any other get together!

Our water slides have areas for children 1) in the bounce house, 2) on the slide, and 3) in the pool.  If you have questions about specific limits, please reach out and ask us.

All of our bounce houses with slides help circulate the kids in and out of the inflatable, so an event can easily have more kids than what the bounce house can hold at once!

How many children can use an inflatable at once?

How much room do I need in my vehicle?

All of our bounce houses come in a large duffel bag that includes everything you need (electric blower, tarp, stakes, and the inflatable).  These bags can be carried by one (1) or (2) people (depending on the product).  They can fit in the backseat of any vehicle/car, as long as the vehicle is not full of other items or passengers.  If you've ordered more than one item or other accessories, make sure you plan accordingly!

How do I setup the inflatable?

The setup of our products is VERY simple! You can have it up and running in less than five (5) minutes. We will text a link to detailed instructions (with photos) that walk you through the setup, safety instructions, and takedown steps for your inflatable.  We ask that you (and anybody assisting you) read these instructions before attempting to set up your inflatable. Please choose a flat area on grass (avoiding dirt/gravel/mud) or a location indoors. You'll want to be near a power outlet, or include an extension cord or generator with your rental.

How do I return the inflatable?

As explained above, your inflatable must be returned before 9:00am the business day following your reservation. We will charge steep fees for not having the inflatable returned on time, as it impacts the next customer waiting to pickup that item.  Please be courteous and ensure you return your rental ON TIME or EARLY.  

The inflatable must be returned CLEAN and DRY.  We provide instructions/tips for how to properly dry a bounce house, and unless Flint Hills Rental is notified of any circumstances preventing you from drying/cleaning a bounce house (inclement weather, etc), we will enforce fees for failing to return the product in reasonably clean/dry conditions.

What is your cancellation policy?

You can view our cancelation policy here:  Cancellation Policy

Do I need a generator or extension cord?

As long as you are using your inflatable near a standard 110 volt outlet, you will NOT need a generator.  Most of our bounce house electrical blowers come with 25-foot cords and will plug into a standard outlet.  It's a good idea to make sure the outlet you plan on using isn't powering other power-intensive devices and/or appliances.

The only time you will need a generator is if the location you are planning to use does not have easy access to power. We can rent generators if needed, starting at just $10/weekday.

Can we get the inflatable wet?

Not all of our products are intended to be used with water, but they ALL can work dry! If you are using one of our inflatable water slides, the water tubing connects to a standard water hose and only needs minimal water pressure to work correctly.  (Usually only half-of-a-turn of the spigot!) 

Thank you for choosing Flint Hills REntal!!!