Flint Hills Rental


What are your policies?

Pickup & Drop-off Policy

All of our rental items are picked up and dropped off BY THE CUSTOMER at our location in Manhattan: 3118 Amherst Ave, Manhattan, KS 66503.  In order to offer such great prices, we do NOT offer pickup or delivery services.  As we currently operate out of our residence, you can drop off rentals after-hours at your convenience.  Just call/text us and we will be super flexible!  We want our customers to be able to return their items at their convenience before the due day/time.  

No refunds or discount will be given for returning rented items early. As long as we are home, we will do everything possible to assist you with unloading the rented items.


Renter Age Requirements

All renters must be 18 years of age or older for ALL products.  We reserve the right to refuse service to anyone, for any reason.  A valid driver's license is required at pickup.  Valid payment must be made online before before picking up rental items.  Our digital Liability Waiver must also be completed/signed before picking up rental items. 

Transportation Requirements

The customer is responsible for the transportation of the rented items.  Adequate space should be allocated for each reserved item.  Flint Hills Rental can recommend the space/vehicle needed, and our website also provides the recommended vehicle size for each item.  However, we don't know every vehicle or what else might be in the vehicle; so it is the customer's responsibility to arrive with sufficient cargo space. No refunds or discounts will be given for items that are unable to be transported due to inadequate cargo space.  Flint Hills Rental's employees will help load and secure the rental items, but any damage done to our products during transportation is the responsibility of the customer.

Cleaning Policy

We take pride in ensuring that every product is inspected/cleaned/prepped by our staff before you pick it up.  We politely ask that you return the product in 1) a working condition and 2) a reasonably CLEAN and DRY condition. If there was any damage to the product due to normal wear-and-tear, please notify us upon returning the product.  We reserve the right to charge any fees associated with the cleaning, repair, or replacement of rented items.

Cancellation/Deposit Policy

Items are only reserved with full payment up-front. But, our total prices are often cheaper than our competitions' DEPOSIT requirements! And, we have a fantastic cancellation policy!  Your deposit will be fully refunded if the rented items are able to be rented to someone else.  In other words, if you give us sufficient notice, it's very likely we can issue a refund.  If we are unable to rent the product to another customer, you can transfer 100% of the price to a future credit on any rental.

If a reservation is cancelled after 9:00am on the day PRIOR to your pickup day (24 hours before reservation), then 100% of your payment is forfeited (no refund and no issued credit).  In case of inclement weather (we ARE in Kansas, right?), the 24-hour-cancellation policy will be waived and the deposit can be used as a future credit (unless we are able to re-rent the items to another customer, then a full refund will be issued). We always recommend that you make arrangements for an alternate, indoor location for your event... just in case!  All of our bounce houses can work indoors (although you'll have to use our water slides DRY instead).  We reserve the right to determine what classifies as "inclement weather" and the waiving of the 24-hour-cancellation policy is 100% at our discretion.  However, we'll do everything we can to make you satisfied.  Check out our reviews and you'll see our customers agree.

Our Promise

As a start-up, we really appreciate your consideration of Flint Hills Rental for your event.  We work really hard to impress our customers, and our goal is to have you be completely satisfied at the end of your experience.  Our strategy is to provide the best pricing, keep the transaction EASY, and offer the best customer service and products you can find.  We're confident that if we deliver, you'll keep coming back for more AND so will your friends and family.  If we've made a mistake, or haven't lived up to this promise, please let us know and we'll do our best to "make things right".  In exchange, we hope that you will treat our products responsibly (and ethically) so that we can continue to offer great prices and great experiences.

Thank you for Choosing Flint Hills REntal!!!