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Our bounce houses are for kids ages 10-years-old and under. Why?

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Balloon Bounce Jr

$40 weekend/holiday, $30 weekday - Our Junior Balloon Bouncer is perfect for that family party where you need to keep the littlest ones occupied indoors or outdoors.  Good for 4-6 kids, 8-yrs-old and under. 


Superstar Bounce hOUSE

$50 weekend/holiday, $40 weekday - Superstar is huge, measuring 14'x12'x8'!  This is a great indoor or outdoor bouncer.  The setup and takedown is a breeze, making any party simple and easy! For ages 10-yrs-old and under.


Princess dreamland

$40 weekend/holiday, $30 weekday - Our most cost conscious bouncer for that little sweetheart.  Perfect for a small princess party!  11'x8.5'x8'.  Good for 2-4 kids age 6 and under.  Works indoor or outdoor.


Balloon Bounce

$50/weekend/holiday, $40 weekday - Our Balloon Bouncer is great indoors and outdoors, and will keep kids occupied with the generous 10'x10' bounce area and basketball hoop! For ages 10-yrs-old and under.

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Call or TEXT TO RESERVE! (785) 422-6450