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Welcome to Flint Hills Rental!  FHR is owned by the Savage family and we are starting this company out of our garage.  We've been nurturing this idea for several years after having close friends in the Mountain West open a similar business, and we've decided it's finally time to launch.

We have a large family (seven children) and we moved to Manhattan, Kansas in 2016 after living in Utah, California, Utah (again) and then Pennsylvania.  We instantly fell in love with Kansas, and have decided one of the best ways to ensure we stay here is to open our own family-run business.

The Savage Family!

The Savage Family!

We hope that this business will provide our children an opportunity to learn the value of work (especially during the summer months), plus to have a garage full of fun toys for them to enjoy (when they aren't being rented out!).

We are starting with bounce houses that target the ages of 10 and under.  These bounce houses can be rented ALL DAY, and picked up and returned by our customers, allowing us to keep our costs low.  

We hope to be able to expand our inventory as we grow, and eventually branch into various other party rental supplies that can be picked up and returned.  We also plan to expand into games/activities that target the Kansas State student market.  (Go Wildcats!)

We plan to serve anybody who is willing to drive into Manhattan, KS to pick up our rental products.  This includes, Wamego, Junction City, Alma, St. Marys, Ogden, Fort Riley, Randolph, Leonardville, Milford, and anywhere in-between! 

If you ever have any questions/suggestions, please don't hesitate to call/text/email us.  We know we will be relying on word-of-mouth, so our goal is to provide AMAZING customer service in everything we do.

Thanks in advance for your support and patronage!